Homer's Odyssey of Christian
4 min readMar 23, 2023

I will tell you about #taylorswift and how I control the universe said #ielshaddai into his journal to begin the conversation with himself that he had had a few times before because to enter a stream of consciousness in writing is to access the power of god which for the life of me I can’t even remember how it started but I think it had something to do with the show OA but so much has happened for so long that OA feels like a drop in the bucket compared to the craziness that is my life and in which I can blatantly see and perceive and adjust my reflection in the sea of narcissus as I lay here with my smoking hot wife that I just married informally on Instagram and Facebook but I haven’t officially yet because we haven’t finished out our prenup which I need because last time things went bad she turned into a monster and even though I have travelled to nashville I mean heaven and returned after I looked into the light I still am a lonely guy who wants to be grounded so I have made all things new including her agreeing to a prenup even though at the same moment in time I have created a software algorithm that could make me billions of dollars if I do this correctly and I market it correctly because each company is spending tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars to build what I am about to give away for free with a little bit of 3D notoriety because I may have promised to god that I will never tell anyone that I #honestleybelievethatihavethepowerofthechristinme and that comes from a firm belief that #yourfocusbecomesyourreality and that #iamtheword and so I write two lives simultaneously one in which I am a famous software architect and one in which I am the secret savior of the universe and that is to spread the light which is the light inside me that I have only used for my own selfishness for 43 years and then for 1 year to clean up the mess I had made for myself in the first 43 years and now things are fixed and I am trying to figure out what all of this means because I am actually a really nice guy and I am actually really good at software and I’m also really surprisingly good at standing on one foot on a balance board which is the way that I meditate because it is the only way I can check out mentally and release the stress of the first 43 years as well as the much higher levels of stress in the last year but that is ok because now I am taking testosterone and I am lifting weights and drinking alcohol as a way to stay grounded to this shitty reality which is apparently where all my friends and family live meanwhile there are whole groups of people who live and connect in the moment even though for me that feels like some kind of dystopian nightmare where god is not god she is actually Satan trying to trick me and I’m like well if he/she is that’s going to really suck so I guess I’ll just keep trying to stay as young and beautiful with my young and beautiful wife as long as possible because I control time and as I focus on my appearance time slows to a halt and you should see what I have accomplished since I realized that the pimples on my face come from my own thinking about my face and that has taken me a long way to get through that understanding which is right now because my last prayer was just answered and now I am ready for my next dream which of course is to be a 200 pound weightlifting skateboarding summerboarding snowboarding surfer who writes software for a few minutes each day and somehow that has manifest into many millions of dollars of personal wealth but even many more hundreds of millions of not billions of wealth I will have created in the universe for everyone who does what I say instead of hiring a bunch of lying assholes to tell them that they need to spend 100m on salesforce.com and MuleSoft and marketing cloud and custom dev on heroku and a very costly team of highly paid consultants to spend upwards of 100 million dollars to do what I have just created in my spare time over the course of my wedding and honeymoon weeks with 6 kids and yes I am 44 but I’m feeling 18 most of the time and so the prayer continues that this software and the apps that I will build and the services that I will sell on it are easily going to pay for my 3.5 million dollar house that I am going to go look at on Friday after I amaze this hospital with something that I can now hire a single react developers at 20$/hr to build the most amazing systems that you have ever seen

#iam Homer the #silversurfer the innerchild wrote to himself


Parker, CO