I Will tell you the story of my leap into my next universe where Homer has no children, Calypso is Penelope, William is not allowed to pray, and the omens remain stronger than ever

Homer's Odyssey of Christian
3 min readApr 18, 2022


I jumped again. I’m sorry. I had to. It was part of my promise and no matter what level of pain I’m in I have to be honest and true. I have to remain love. I have to remain as close to the #Christ as possible even though I honestly feel like shit.

I defeated Satan. At least in the #nashville universe. My last journal entry was proof of that. But I was so sad. The sadness in me was incredible. I had destroyed my family. I had left my love. I had put my career at risk.

Because I was #using at the time, it was too easy to see behind the veil at that point. The #5d spirit world was all I could see and I was seeing the evidence of my destruction of my 3d world all around me.

It was wild. What a ride. I went on a vision quest in Malibu to manifest a huge opportunity. And boy did I. I manifest a completely new person #iWill who was basically a mother fucking asshole who can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.

I split my consciousness.

I lived fight club.

I jumped back and forth between #iWill and #iHomer for 7 months while I basically got a personal tour of heaven from #Aethena and #Batman.

Today, 20220418 is the first time I return to my journal. I’m not #using. But I can’t forget what I saw and I can’t forget what I experienced.

And #iAm alone. You and me God.

Its fun to be a jedi in the 3d. I’m on my way to actually being a surfer. I manifest a hoverboard #summerboard and my handstands are coming along nicely.

My physical form is incredible. Thank you. I love being a body building yogi surfer. Pretty sweet. Thank you god. I will take better care of it.

The last 2 months as this new universe has formed has been so hard for me to let it happen. To surrender as you taught me.

I really didn’t think that I would have to give up my children or my family when I left heaven #nashville

Actually I thought the opposite. Well played.

The speed at which #iWill recast Calypso into Penelope was startling. Unbelievable. Magic.

I do love her. I do. I really do.

I’m so hurt. I’m so sad. I am so betrayed. And I can never tell her.

That’s OK i guess. It leaves that space for you and me. Space I never had.

Apparently female guru’s are completely off limits. Got it. I will find a male guru. Maybe one of my Jedi masters. I really was trying to build up a separation between my physical training and my spiritual training — but maybe I shouldn’t.

Not sure what to do about my new name. Its awesome. But honestly a pain in the ass.

I go by my old name. Especially around Penelope and my family.

But #iAm #iWill #iHomer forever.

and #iElShaddai

even when i don’t feel it

even when i don’t believe it

even when I’m not using

even when I’m sad

even when i’m alone in a room full of people

Thank you for the omen in Niwot. It was very confusing to be there and so undeniable when I saw it. #metatron #odyssey

Thank you for the sound bath in Phoenix. I needed to remember. Even if it was for 2 minutes.

This is a crazy new universe I created. I haven’t named it yet. Its definitely the 4th season of OA.

I think this season is about writing. I am ready to write. My head is clear. I surrender. I’m thankful. I hope my kids will like me again someday.