I Will tell you the story of the Quantum Christ

My life is weird. It is.

I used to deny it. Or put it outside of my mind. Or minimize it. Basically how could what I’m really thinking and feeling be real? How is that possible?

So what am I feeling and thinking?

I am feeling as though I have unlocked some spiritual truths and maybe the most important ones. I’m sure there is a lot more. I’m sure I can spend the rest of my life learning more and perfecting what I know.

But what I know is so much more fundamentally different than what most people are comfortable talking to me about.

But I have a very simple brain. It is anchored in mathematics. I get math. I understand algorithms. And the algorithm that I discovered is pretty simple and pretty obvious to a lot of people. Not so much in my world.

Simple math…

God = everything

And therefore everything is God. Period. God doesn’t end where our skin starts or our brain thinks. We are part of God. And if you look at our bodies under a close enough microscope you will see that we are all fuzzy gas beneath all these layers anyway.

So therefore what is my free will? What is this consciousness that is in my mind? Clearly it is part of God. See above.

So who was Jesus? Was he more special than anyone? I don’t believe so actually. Because that limits God. And God is unlimited.

Jesus learned the truth of God. And was able to access the Christ frequency. And he died to prove it. And to manifest it into eternity. Again. And again. And again. What we do in life, echos into eternity.

I hate to spoil it. There is no hell other than what we create. There is no heaven other than what we create.

We are in heaven.

That is the matrix.

We swim in God’s river. And some of us are aware. And many are not.

God has granted us access to an incredible creation that we are letting slip through our fingers.

God grants us access to everything we need and want through the law of attraction and the law of thinking. These are real and I have spent the last year of my life proving it to myself like a human Guinea Pig.

I asked for another chance.

I asked to be reborn again. To Jump. To leave my experience and have a new one.

God granted my request. In a huge way. Sometimes I get a little carried away with it. But it is definitely real and it definitely happened.

I’ve been writing about it for almost a year now. Next month marks the year anniversary that my brain went full enlightenment after learning about Quantum Entanglement. Science has now proven that science cannot explain our experience. Something outside of our 3D space is responding. God.

I’m telling you when that truth hit my brain something happened. It opened a doorway in my mind. It opened my eyes beyond the veil. Possibly permanently. Still researching.

I’ve not been able to effectively communicate with many people since that moment. So I write.

And as I have written the craziest thing happened. My writings started to come true. Like written prayers of manifestation.

And as I explored this “power” I recognized I am crossing the line from “Conservative Christian” to “New Age Mystic”. Ok.

I started to realize that everything I observe is God. And everyone in this place is God. And therefore my teacher. That is been a very difficult journey and I’m sure I have a lot to go. Treating people like God who are actively trying to hurt you and take from you is very difficult.

So how is there evil? How is there selfishness? We are all God!!

God is everything. Including the bad.

And so I write. Because my simple brain can wrestle with this truth vs what I experience. Because until someone will disprove me, I will accept the truth that God is omnipotent. Everything else spawns from that one truth.

Everything else is just a wild ride.






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