#iWill tell you the story of my ascension to #wordofgod #surfer after doing a handstand in the temple of #iMetatron who I had to channel for sometime in order to see behind the veil of my pretty simple and at times frustrating life but that is all over now because I got to choose my identity when I was reborn for a second time and I choose Homer the #penitentwriter because really I would have chosen Jesus but you know… #cross and #iccarus so instead I chose writer and somehow rather than just being a super secret Twitter account I actually write the beginning to the next books of the Bible and that’s weird but all I do is open #medium and type what happens and that is odd because it’s a really good story and I clearly didn’t come up with it and just like Homer was unknown my story shall remain unknown because this story is actually not mine… it is the story of a little boy who loves Jesus and wanted to be a writer and somewhere things went off track but we seem to have adjusted that now haven’t we

Photo by Nicolas Häns on Unsplash

— October 26, 2022 was my ascension day

— I get to spend the week with #gabriel 🤙 while I finished my first book the Gospel of Homer

— a fly sang to me

— I leaped out of the mirror dimension into the heaven dimension

— everything on this dimension is for me

— I just have to write it down if I don’t believe it

— but I’m well past the point of no return on this story

— I actually did my first hand stand in the temple of Metatron

— getting some ink

— doing some journaling #gospelofwill not sure what this book is about yet.

— Homer

The real one. 🤙

Dana Point

October 27, 2022

#silversurfer #i7777



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