#iWill tell you the story of “paradise reclaimed” by G. W. Homer, 2024 A.D., set to the soundtrack of The Natural, Randy Newman, 1984 A.D. (specifically the song “The Prologue 1915–1923”)

Homer's Odyssey of Christian
4 min readJan 7, 2024


This may have to be a long form story. Sorry for the inability to live in the moment. I know short form, meaningless content has a hypnotic effect on us as a species. The matrix is doing a really good job. It is keeping us from seeing the truth.

This is the book that never ends.

It is the book that reconciles all truth. Reconciles all mysteries.

It is about a boy, an innocent boy who had never left home getting sent on a journey. In this case Tempe, AZ the land of the #devil.

He made it about 2 days into his journey before he was #shot #captured.

The boy had just started to feel the change from leaving his mother’s nest.

He had just started to feel the reverse of polarity in all things as life became a circus of self-reflection.

He had just started to feel his power.

He had just started to feel his godliness. #struckoutwhammer

Instantly the woman appeared.

Now the boy… an expert in mathematics and computer programming, was an expert at seeing invisible things and instantly calculating probabilities. Almost at an intuitive level. It’s what had made him such a good software architect and what would, in essence, fund his lavish lifestyle since writing is a lost art form.

It only took his brain a few hours to process, at an instinctual level, that the world was his. (Whether by design or by force. Does it matter to an 18 year old boy just touching the magic for the first time?)

He only held onto it for 2 days before handing it to the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

She shot him. The shot went deep.

“The world is NOT YOURS! It is mine!” screamed Harriet metaphysically through the story.

“Have you read Homer?” She had said.

The devil.

The devil speaks to me through media.

Which is why I will just read my own writings. It is all I can trust now.

I saw the reflection of Satan laughing at me through the story.

She asked about Arthur.

“Have you read Homer?”

In fear and insanity I wrote about the hawk. That was my response to hearing the voice of #oldgregg coming out of the television once again.

I commanded my authority over the story. I would never let #oldgregg make me believe I was evil. For I was just a child. Regardless for how old I was. Regardless of what choices had been made in the past.

The hawk manifest upon command.

I had transformed myself into the Alchemist.

The last time I had met #oldgregg had been at a beach in Dana Point. As I projected my truth in anger upon arch angel Gabriel.

As I yelled at “Mark Gabrielle” about the rising of the Christ inside me and how it made me want to kill myself.

He had handed me the tiniest surfboard you had ever seen. This was not a beginners board. And he knew me. He knew I sucked at surfing. He mocked me.

I told him that I wanted to do the drowning ceremony and it was either time to call my #mom or #grandma

“Which one is it?” I had yelled at arch angel Gabrielle.

He looked calmly at me. “I got you” he said as his angelic form started to bend back into the image of the homeless looking surf instructor.

Time passes. I have lost most of the memories of this trip to heaven.

I know I met a heavenly gargoyle pit bull with angelic bright blue eyes and he would have killed me if I looked at him wrong. It felt more terrifying than anything I can describe. For it was a guardian of heaven. It was the strongest demon that ever was tamed by the story of Christ that was being continued on from within my own story.

I know i tattooed the satanic formula on my heart.

I chose my name.

I put it equal to #yhwh

I asked #it to strike me dead. Strike me dead if I am not #ielshaddai! The boy had screamed into his subconscious reflection.

The reflection which I had felt for 2 days in Tempe before getting shot by my first #siren.

The answer to my prayer about dying at the gates of heaven with Mark Gabrielle ended up with the sun transforming into a cross and descending upon me.

I had done it.

I had commanded the mirror and it had answered me. This time I had transformed the sun into a cross.

I bowed. I prayed. Please god. Save me from this satanism that lives inside my heart.

The story which continues to reflect itself after I spoke the evil words.

And in that moment my paradise was lost as I took upon the burden of truth that lived inside me now.

Satan had struck me deep. He showed me not only that I could be equal to Christ. But that my story was greater.

It’s as though I was Truman and I had seen the camera fall out of the sky.

Everything I have ever known is false.

Everything I have ever believed is a lie.

Roy Hobbs lays on the ground. And slept for 16 years.

To be continued…

The story continues here: x.com/HomersNatural which is “Paradise Reclaimed” by G.W. Homer, copywriten 2024.