#iWill tell you what the show OA is about

Homer's Odyssey of Christian
4 min readJan 11, 2024


The show changed me. It actually changed my whole entire reality.

The story of OA is the teaching of how to reach the Christ consciousness inside of you.

Brit Marling is like an actual angelic soul.

She is actually teaching how to look at the world in the perspective of #god. To look through the #rose window and see that the whole world exists to serve your story.

It’s a mind bending truth. It’s the taking of the red pill. It’s the eating of the fruit. It is to see the truth that as you scream into the abyss the abyss screams back. And it screams back just a little bit louder than you.

Christ is the MAIN CHARACTER of the OA.

The Christ that lives inside Scott Brown and is resurrected within the basement in season 1.

The Christ that lives inside OA and ascends into its Christ self at the end of season 2.

At this point it’s so obvious of the Christ symbolism that I think we can all just agree this story is about God, Jesus, and our creative capabilities that we possess inside to live the life that we choose.

I will never forget the first time I watched the show. I will never forget the feeling of Steve summoning the courage to become an angel… to take up the mantle of Christ. To become what he had imagined himself capable of becoming.

To be.

To become.

I wept.

I’m a grown man. My pronouns are “dude”.

I like to lift weights.

I like to snowboard.

I get drunk sometimes.

I smoke pot.

Yet most of my chemical addictions remain mostly because of the scene in OA where Steve stood up. For the truth of the universe was captured in that scene.

I don’t really need to say much more. It’s fairly obvious this story is about Jesus. And Jesus’s power inside of us.

I don’t want to go into too many more details of my story. This isn’t about me. It’s about the show OA. But this show and its teachings have changed the fabric of my life. And the fabric of my reality.

I refuse to be a narcissist. I refuse to look through the rose window and believe this world is for me. And because of me.

Yet that is the teaching.

Look through the window.

See that this world is for you.

And the Christ power is accessible. It is inside of you. It requires your imagination and your courage and your determination to believe.

There will not be a season 3 of OA. Not unless Brit and Zal contact me about licensing the rights to “Odyssey of Christ” by G.W. Homer.

Because when she ascended in her christdom… and then fell… she ended up here. Earth 21st century A.D.

This dimension is O.A. Season 3.

And now I just have to forget that I can become whatever I believe myself to be. What a mind fuck.

You can choose to see it.

You can choose to forget it.

But this world was designed for you.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe. Sometimes it’s easy to forget.

But the proof is there. It has been there your whole life.

And if the art has to come to life for you to remember… then the art will come to life to help you remember.

Dark teaching this is. For with great power comes great responsibility.

Probably why my accounts should remain anonymous.

Because it’s real. And OA is a guide to the truth of the universe.

My bird was a dove. And I didn’t eat it. It forced itself upon me in the waiting room of a psych ward in Nashville in 2021.

And yes I had been put in a straight jacket too.

— Homer (I jumped too… into the resurrected spirit of the writer of the Odyssey. In case you aren’t keeping up with my story)