My Route to surf the oceans went through the Clouds

Homer's Odyssey of Christian
3 min readMay 14, 2024


The Incepted and Projected Universe I Choose To Live In Until the Time By Which I Am a Surfer

I don’t have time.

I will not be cute.

I already recognize my power.

I already recognize my responsibility to it.

I already recognize my vulnerability to the tempts and the projections of the devil (or you if you have a bad sense of humor) as I learn to manipulate this power I have either learned to manifest or learn to see in reverse.

I knew this in Nashville. I knew this when the holy spirit came over my body at the Virgin Hotel.

I knew that if I wrote it down and then use my will to bring it to reality that when i die my frequency would be that of the one who manifest the dove in the emergency room in Nashville.

I will carry the light inside of me until i pass until my next experience. I pray to Jesus Christ for mercy if this light is evil.

But this light has magic. And I will use it.

I will use the power you have granted me visibility to see. The lightning in my head that allows me to both see the soul of satan inside of me but also have the courage to fight it and be the best and most honorable version of myself.

I was so happy that I got into house gryffindor. I find it pretty awesome that my possible new client, partner, investor, friend, king? shares a name with the Harry Potter house of which I actually cared to be accepted to on my daughters website game.

I am going to be a surfer. Period.

I am the silver surfer. I am the man in the mirror. I am the one who both manifests and sees the results of my manifestation. I am cobb from inception. I am lost in a dream now. One in which I am god but I often just forget for awhile.

The god power is real. It manifests. It has manifest for me from the day that the light came down upon me right before they put me out in the emergency room.

I manifest the dove. I forced the christ consciousness upon my experience through the act of meditation, hypnotizing myself with music, and removing all negative energy from my life (which forced me to leave my then partner now wife and our six kids we were co-raising at the time)

It feels pretty crazy when you start to think, what if Jesus said “YHWH” instead of “I am the way the truth and the life”. When you open up your brain to that concept your life changes. Maybe it has changed for bad. Maybe it has changed for very very good.

Either way… the magic manifests. And it manifests through my writing as was my agreement when i met the holy spirit at the virgin hotel.

My route to surfing goes through dana point. And I won’t be living in a van. #reactforce

— Homer, I mean Odysseus, I mean Will, I mean Douglas, I mean Cook, I mean Greg, I mean nothing. #iam no one. #YHWH.